Friday, 10 February 2012

blazemeter - JMeter cloud testing

I've been using Apache's performance test tool JMeter for many years now, but struggle to find enough time and resource to create a decent distributed network of JMeter engines that can simulate large and realistic load. Today I stumbled upon which allows just that. Its a cloud based performance test service that gives you access to multiple instances of JMeter that are geographically distributed on a variety of different server types.

To use blazemeter you either upload your own JMeter scripts or give blazemeter a url and let it write the script for you, you then create your scenarios before finally executing your test. Blazemeter has many great features, including some detailed analysis and test management capabilities that make this a compelling option when it comes to investing in performance testing.

Blazemeter operates a similar business model to (now Neustar Web Performance), where you pay for the number of test engines, different server types, on demand usage, etc.

There is a comprehensive free trial available that will allow you to experiment with features and tests for a couple of weeks.

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